Fuel tank solutions

Eliassons Åkeri AB

Eliassons Åkeri is a well-established Swedish transport company with 90 employees. The family business has been engaged in tank transports since the 1950s and today runs a modern transport company with a focus on both the environment, digitization, and optimized vehicles. The head office is in Kristianstad in southern Sweden and from here fuel, chemicals and bitumen are delivered in large parts of Sweden. In addition, they also perform several special tasks in Norway, Denmark, England, and Germany.

The company is growing and is known in the market for its quality, service, and well-maintained car fleet. That is why they at Eliassons Åkeri AB also place great emphasis on having well-trained and experienced drivers who deliver quality and service to customers.

As part of the digitization, drivers have a digital driver manual on their phone, where they have direct access to the company’s intranet. It keeps them updated and they can find news, instructions, and manuals as well as report bugs, deviations, and improvements.

Eliassons Åkeri AB also uses a modern and flexible transport planning system that makes it possible to plan efficiently, while the system provides customers with fully traceable transports from planned trip to certification.

4 new fuel tankers and trailers
In 2020, Eliassons Åkeri AB won a tender from Sweden’s largest petrol company Preem. In this connection, Eliassons has taken over several fuel tankers and trailers built by HMK Bilcon, which have been used for fuel delivery in Sweden. After winning a new contract with ST1/Shell, it became necessary in 2021 to expand the fleet and therefore Eliassons Åkeri AB invested in 4 new trains from HMK Bilcon.

We chose HMK Bilcon as a supplier because we already at the first contact got a very good impression of their service and quality, says Tommie Eliasson, Operation, and transport manager.

The fuel tanker is built on a 3-axle Scania R590 V8 chassis. The tank contains 21,000 litres in 4 compartments. The trailer contains of 42,000 ltr. in 5 compartments. The trailer is built to contain 45,000 litres if the axle configuration is changed to current Swedish legislation, where 65% of the weight of the truck must be carried on twin-mounted axles. Together, the tanker and trailer are 23 mtr. long and fitted with Bartec dip-stick system, which in this edition is with Bartec Tiger pump meter. Therefore, the fuel can also deliver through 2” hoses to e.g. agricultural contractors and the forestry industry etc.

HMK Bilcon has met all the requirements and adjustments and schedules that we have had during the entire process without compromising on quality and reliability, adds Tommie Eliasson.

The fuel tankers and trailers in operation
All 4 fuel tankers and trailers have been put into operation in November 2021 and it has exceeded all expectations.

The test of the first tanker went really well, beyond all expectations. It worked right away. There were no faults on the vehicles and the drivers just kept on driving with all four tankers and trailers. They just work. We have not had any faults on any of them a month later. They behave nicely. These are good constructions and we are very satisfied with the four tankers and trailers that we have bought, says Mattias Johansson, Workshop Manager.

The fuel tanker and trailer from HMK Bilcon is absolutely fantastic to work with. You notice that you have thought a bit about the driver, as you have built it, small details that make it easy to work with , explains tanker truck driver Jerry.

HMK Bilcon’s products are very light compared to competitor’s products. The fuel tankers and trailers we have received have been adapted to our wishes, which has reduced our unloading times, explains Tommie Eliasson.

The construction process through Corona
2021 has been marked by Corona and it has therefore not been possible for Eliasson’s Åkeri and HMK Bilcon to have physical meetings. Therefore, throughout the process, there has been a close collaboration with regular Team meetings, where solutions have been discussed and clarified.

A great advantage throughout the process is that HMK Bilcon invited us to regular online meetings throughout the development and construction process, which has meant that we have gotten exactly the product we want, concludes Tommie Eliasson.