13 Dec, 2022

DIN 2303 certification

In 2022, we have worked hard to obtain a new German certification to be able to weld in more types of metals than aluminium. We have succeeded, and we have now been DIN 2303—Q2BK1 certified. The DIN 2303-Q2BK1 certification means that we are now approved to weld in all types of steel except reinforced steel according to the German welding standards.

Therefore, we can now supply products to a large number of companies within the defense industry in Europe, which require this approval.

In 2023, we continue to work towards becoming certified to weld in reinforced steel for the European defense industry, as the first and only Danish company.

The project has been approved by the Danish Business Authority in accordance with the off-set rules.

We already have increasing interest from a number of interested customers regarding relevant future projects.