13 Mar, 2020

Financial statement 2019

HMK Bilcon has invested heavily in green projects, but it has been expensive

In 2019 the fuel tank specialist in North Jutland has developed a number of new products and undergone a major green transition – the order book sets a new record.

The 2019 result is described as unsatisfactory for the fuel tank manufacturer, which after two good years achieved an unsatisfactory result in 2019. This is due to a large green conversion and high activity level on product development.

Underlying operation stable
Despite the decline in profit, the underlying operation is stable. Managing Director Peter Jensby explains that the 2019 result includes extraordinary costs for a large green conversion, which will continue into the anniversary year 2020. Through investments in new machinery and technology, heat consumption and the associated emissions are reduced by approx. 33% on average, and correspondingly with regard to electricity consumption. At the same time, all electricity is now GREEN electricity from Nordic wind turbines and hydropower.

During the year, 4 new products have been developed and launched (new IT management for tankers, new CityTrailers, new expandable trailers and new service products).

The number of employees has increased from 86 to 90, including 13 apprentices and 3 in flex jobs. The company continues to work on extensive  energy optimization, digitalisation and automation.

“In addition to the extensive investments in buildings, machinery, IT systems, security, education and health, we have invested in a number of energy optimizations, so energy consumption is now reduced by approx. 33% throughout the company. Of course, in addition to the environmental aspect, it will also have an economically positive effect in the future, ”he says. In addition, the company is working towards becoming ISO 14001 certified in 2020.

“The long term move” will bear fruit again
According to the CEO, 2020 will be back on track due to the continued hard efforts of all employees.

“We have worked intensively to streamline our production and improve our products. This has involved standardizing products, developing new products, and relaunching and selling improved products. And these are long-term strategic initiatives that must contribute to continued progress. ”

Peter Jensby says that the order book at present is record-breaking, and is now divided between far more products than before. This results in lower strategic risk and thus higher stability for the coming years.

HMK Bilcon A/S
HMK Bilcon was founded in the year 1895 and specializes in the manufacture of tanker solutions for transporting oil and gasoline, tanker containers and tankers for the defense, tankers for transporting grain and feed and mobile trailer solutions for the health sector and events.

Read more about all the environmental improvements made i 2019 here.

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